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How to become an approved supplier?

Becoming an approved supplier is the result of PA Housing carrying out procurement. Whether via obtaining a single quote or carrying out a large-scale procurement exercise, suppliers will not be added as approved suppliers at their request. Once the procurement exercise is complete, the supplier will be required to complete an application via In-Tend. 

The application has multiple vital areas that need to be completed, with suppliers expected to complete the application within five working days from receipt of the request.


There is a guide on how best to complete the application within the guidance section. The best approach is preparation and having all the relevant information, policies, and certificates ready in one place. Furthermore, all documents must be titled correctly as any ambiguity over documentation will cause delay. 

In addition, and as part of breaking down barriers, we commit to providing support to suppliers via Teams on Friday afternoons. To book a slot for help, please email us.

Once the application has been approved and created in our finance and ordering portals, an order will be raised. 

Please ensure that a works order or a purchase order has been issued before works, goods, and/or services are delivered or carried out. 

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