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Our Corporate Plan

Our business is not about properties. It’s about the people who live in our homes and the communities they live in. We know how important it is that we listen to the feedback we receive from residents, our stakeholders, the agencies we work alongside, and our colleagues to make sure we can be the best we can be. That’s why, since the start of 2023, we’ve not just listened, we’ve acted. We’ve been working tirelessly to make some big changes to how we work, shifting the focus to a people first approach. We have a lot to do, but we’re confident that by getting back to basics and focusing on the people who live in our homes and on the people who work for our business, we’ll be able to deliver some amazing things over the next five years. It’s an exciting time for PA Housing, and the team here are all focused and determined to make sure that we’re always putting people first.

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Our Sustainability Strategy

Our new Sustainability Strategy covers all areas of the business to deliver net zero-carbon homes and emissions before the government deadline in 2050. For our residents’ homes, we will align this with the stock reinvestment, building safety and development programmes. The built environment contributes around 40% of UK carbon emissions, so for us as a housing provider, there is a major challenge and cost ahead.

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Our Sustainable Finance Framework sets out how we wish to enhance our sustainability impact through the funds we raise.

Sustainable Finance Framework 2021

Framework core components The Framework aligns to the Social Bond Principles – June 2020 (“SBP”), the Sustainability Bond Guidelines – June 2018 (“SBG”), the Green Bond Principles – June 2018 (“GBP”) and the Green Loan Principles – December 2018 (“GLP”) as published by the International Capital Markets Association (“ICMA”) and Loan Market Association (LMA”) and uses the four core components of the principles as its basis, being: Use of Proceeds Process for Project Evaluation and Selection Management of Proceeds Reporting

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