If you rent a home from us, it's important you understand the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement.

You should have received a copy of this when you first signed for your home and we gave you the keys, so please keep this document somewhere safe.

The information on our website, and all of our policies and procedures link to your tenancy agreement, so it's important you understand what you're responsible for


Can I request a copy of my tenancy agreement?

You may have lost or misplaced you tenancy agreement, or it may have been a very long ago since you signed your tenancy that you need a new copy. Whatever the reason, we can help. Simply get in touch with our housing team and they'll be able to send a new copy to you.

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Can I amend my joint tenancy agreement?

If you have a joint tenancy and wish to leave your home, you must let us know. You are still responsible for all the tenancy conditions, including paying the rent, while your name is on the agreement.

If both tenants are happy to have a name removed from the agreement, then we’ll sort that paperwork out. However, if only one of you wishes to give up the tenancy we’ll have to give you notice to quit.

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What repairs am I responsible for?

As your landlord, we're responsible for most repairs to your home but you also have some responsibilities and things you'll need to carry out yourself.

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Can I have a pet?

This will depend on the type of home and area you live in, and the type of pet you want. You should always ask for consent before you purchase a pet to make sure it's ok.

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Can I temporarily moving out?

There may be times when you need to leave your home for a long period of time but will be returning. For example, you may need to go into hospital or to go abroad.

You must tell us before you go, and give us some idea when you think you will be back. You must also tell us if someone will be staying in your home while you are away and what arrangements you have made for paying your rent. If rent arrears build up while you are away, they are still your responsibility.

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Ending your tenancy

If you wish to end your tenancy you will have to provide us with written notice, either by email or post.

Before you move out of your home, please make sure you:

  • Tell us
  • Pay your rent in full.
  • Complete all outstanding repairs.
  • Hand in all keys, including those for communal doors and key fobs for garages etc. We will charge you for replacements if all keys aren’t returned.
  • Clean the property and clear it of any rubbish.
  • Pay any outstanding utility bills in full. If you could let us know your supplier and final meter reading, that would be useful information for the next tenant.  

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