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Supply to Us

To become one of our supplies, you'll need to go through our Procurement Process.

What is procurement? 

Procurement is the acquisition of works, services, and goods at the right price and the right quality. However, we believe it is about more than just the acquisition; it is about the relationship, delivery, growing, and performing. Through our procurements, we ensure that value for money is maximised by exercising best practices whilst observing compliance with legislation and meeting the core requirements of PA Housing and our residents. 

Methods of procurement 

At PA Housing, each team is responsible for managing their budget in line with overarching policies, and they are also responsible for the Procurement of works, goods, and services. Each Procurement aims to ensure that PA Housing is obtaining value for money. Therefore, each team will follow a standard procedure (all figures including VAT): 

  • Procurement for a contract value less than - £15,000 the team can use the best value approach, which will allow for a single quotation. 
  • Procurement for a contract value of between - £15,000 and £50,000 the team will obtain a minimum of 3 quotations via In-tend. 
  • Procurement for a contract value above - £50,000 the team will carry out a tender and advertise via In-tend. 


Alternative approaches to Procurement 

In some instances, when procuring works, goods, and services, we may carry out an alternative process or use a framework. These approaches will be as follows: 

  • Procurement via a framework agreement is a bona fide route that teams can use. This is irrespective of the contract value. 
  • Procurement via a closed process can be conducted for below threshold procurements. 
  • Procurement via the method of proposal and presentation can be conducted and lends itself to software and service type procurements. 
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