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About us

We provide housing across the Midlands, London and the South East offering a range of housing solutions from affordable rent and independent living to shared ownership and outright sale for those in need.

With over 40 years of experience, we manage over 23,000 across our regions.

Our Purpose

Passionate about delivering more affordable homes and great services.

Our Vision

Become widely recognised as a social enterprise with a reputation for providing quality homes and services within the next 5 years. 

Our Values

    • We offer the best quality service that we can
    • We are dedicated to our people
    • Always honest, open and responsible
    • We challenge ourselves to be the best
    • Always seek best value
    • We always offer solutions
    • We listen and take action
    • We deliver on our promises
    • You can count on us
    • We treat people as we would want to be treated
    • We are ambitious
    • Unashamedly bold
    • We work together to make a difference
    • We welcome innovation
    • Courageous in our pursuit of growth to provide more quality affordable homes
    • We create a culture that people want to be part of   

Corporate Plan 2017 - 2022

Please also take a minute to view our corporate plan that sets out our commitments, priorities and ambitions for the first five years of our new organisation.     

Our Board is adamant that affordable housing is central to our future and that our focus is on providing services to our residents, whilst continuing to develop new homes.

Both Paragon and asra have always been about much more than just bricks and mortar. We intend to continue to focus on the wellbeing of the people we serve and to help our neighbourhoods thrive.

We have the potential to achieve brilliant things in the next five years. And we’re under no illusion that there is much to do to harmonise our structures and ways of working. But, in doing so we will unlock the benefits which PA Housing can bring – to our customers, our employees and in the wider community.

Click here to read Our Corporate Plan


PA Housing's Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement

This statement has been prepared as part of the transparency requirements of section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

  • PA Housing's Statement

    PA Housing provides affordable, quality homes across the Midlands, London, Home Counties and South East. We have more than 23,000 homes for rent, shared ownership and sale.

    We are committed to ensuring that we implement all the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act and take care to ensure that slavery and human trafficking do not exist at PA Housing or in any part of our supply chains. 

    We can state that we have no slavery, forced labour or human trafficking within our organisation, but we recognise the need to be vigilant both within PA Housing and in relation to our supply chains.

    We do not wish to work with any business that is knowingly involved with any form of slavery or human trafficking as part of its operations or its own supply chain. We have identified that the main risks for PA Housing are not just as an employer but also in relation to the suppliers we work with.

    Our policies on slavery and human trafficking

    • All our employees are treated fairly. Salary payments are made to employees directly and are not deferred, delayed or withheld. All deductions are made lawfully and transparently.
    • All employees are paid more than the minimum wage and do not work hours in excess of the number permitted by law.
    • PA Housing operates an Agency Workers policy and only employs staff from reputable agencies that follow the requirements of the policy. 

    Our supply chains

    • We procure goods and services across a wide range of suppliers, some of which have long and complex supply chains, so we have a Procurement policy in place, based on ethical principles.
    • We encourage partner organisations to apply similar principles to their organisations and supply chains.
    • We include provisions in our contract documentation requiring suppliers to take appropriate steps to ensure that there is no slavery or human trafficking in their supply chains.
    • New suppliers must declare that they are not involved in slavery or human trafficking and, where relevant, share their Modern Slavery transparency statement with PA Housing. 

    Our Executive Management Team will take responsibility for implementing this statement and its objectives. They will ensure that adequate resources are in place to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Act.

    This statement has been prepared as part of the transparency requirements of section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. It will be reviewed and published annually.


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