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Your communal services

We know how important the communal services you receive are to how you feel about where you live, so we've created service standards so you know what to expect.

In order for us to effectively manage these services for you, we group every home into something called a lot. This is different to your Neighbourhood as lots are normally much larger in scale.

All our areas are covered by six lots, so if you receive communal services your home will be included.

  • Lot 1 Surrey
  • Lot 2 West London
  • Lot 3 East London
  • Lot 4 South Leicester and Northants
  • Lot 5 Nottinghamshire
  • Lot 6 Leicester

By clicking on the map, you can see who the contractor is for both communal cleaning and grounds maintenance in your area.

View the map

Communal cleaning

Keeping the communal areas where you live clean and tidy is an important part of making you feel at home. This could include keeping communal stairwells clean, removing offensive graffiti, keeping bin areas tidy and helping to tackle fly-tipping.  

Where we’re responsible for the cleaning, our specification clearly sets out our promise to you and what you can expect from us.

Read the specification



Grounds maintenance

Just like with the cleaning, looking after the communal green spaces around your home are just as important to helping you like where you live. This could include cutting the grass, keeping bushes and hedges trimmed, and litter picking.

Where we’re responsible for the grounds maintenance, our specification makes these commitments to you so you know what to expect.

Read the specification



Tree surveys

Across our regions, we’ve got thousands of trees.

Although they make our neighbourhoods look beautiful, they take careful management to make sure they don’t get overgrown or cause any problems. So, we’ve recently appointed Treeworks Environmental Practice (Treeworks) to help manage them.

Treeworks will be carrying out surveys across all our communal areas over the coming months in the lots listed above. These surveys will help us to determine whether any pruning work is needed or if any of the trees are causing a nuisance or hazard which will ensure we meet our duty of care for public safety.

The results will all be entered onto a central piece of mapping software which will allow our teams to answer any queries you may have, quickly and easily.


If you have any queries about the services in your area, or the role of our Estates Team,  please get in touch with us on 0300 123 2221.

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