Whether you’re a resident, a colleague, or one of our stakeholders, we’re all people and we’re in this together to make your homes and communities the best that they can be.

This promise sets out the attitudes, behaviours, and responsibilities we all need to follow to make that possible. We all agree that:

  • We will treat each other with dignity, respect, as individuals, and as you’d expect to be treated.

  • We will listen to each other to understand the situation so the right action can be taken.

  • We will provide feedback in a consistent and measured manner within agreed timeframes.

  • We will have adult-to-adult conversations with each other.

  • We will communicate in a way that is timely, honest, easy to understand, and that treats people as individuals.

  • We understand that sometimes the answer is no and, once this has been explained, we hope that you can accept the decision even if you may not like it.

  • We understand the service standards and levels we operate within.

  • Discrimination, on any grounds, is not okay. Ever.

  • We will not tolerate bullying, threats, or acts of verbal or physical abuse.

  • We will actively challenge and take action where we see examples of poor behaviour from others.

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Everybody is unique

We believe Everybody is unique, and we're committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and a culture that actively values difference. This commitment is promoted by our Board and applies to all customers, employees and other stakeholders, such as contractors, volunteers and partners. We believe that everyone is entitled to respect and dignity and we are committed to building an environment where our employees, customers, contractors and visitors are treated in this way.

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