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Electrical safety in your home

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Electricity is part of our lives.

We use it from the moment we wake up and throughout the day. 

It's so commonplace it's easy to forget how potentially deadly electricity can be if we don't take electrical safety seriously. So it's essential to get to grips with electrical safety around the home, especially at this time of year when many of us have decorated our homes with additional lights and festive touches.

Electrical safety is all about being aware of the potential dangers around the home and knowing what to look out for, avoid and change. Unfortunately, around 40 deaths and thousands of injuries every year are caused by domestic electrical accidents.

Tips on how to improve electrical safety at home:

Look out for damaged electrical cables – all power cables and extension leads should be checked regularly and repaired or replaced as required. It is not advised to run cables under rugs and furniture, as they can cause a trip hazard, overheat or get crushed and damaged. 

Don't overload sockets – overloading plug sockets is a common cause of electrical fires. Always make sure the sockets are cool to the touch. And only plug one heat-producing appliance into a multi-way socket at a time. 

Keep unused cables tidy and secure – electrical safety doesn't only apply when cables are in use. Make sure they're stored away safely when you're not using them. It's best not to wrap cables around objects (like your hairdryer or laptop plug), as it can stretch them and cause overheating. And never put an electricity cable on a hot surface, as it can damage the insulation and wiring inside.  

Be safe with heaters – it might sound like common sense, but keep combustible items away from heaters. For example, portable heaters shouldn't be used near curtains and should always be on a level, stable surface. 

Check the fuse – it's easy to replace a fuse on plugs – but make sure you use the right one for the appliance. Using the wrong fuse can cause a cable to overheat and means the appliance isn't protected against electrical faults.

Register your products - register all the products you buy with the manufacturer. This is essential for warranty purposes and helps with product recall alerts. Products such as chargers, adaptors, hair-care appliances, kettles, irons and toasters are recalled more regularly than you think. But only 10 - 20% of products are returned. If you register your products, your manufacturer will let you know if the product you've bought turns out to be faulty or dangerous.

We carry out electrical safety checks of your home every five years.

We're here to help!

Maybe you're struggling financially at the moment, are worried about using too much electricity and the impact it may have on your bill.

It's important you get in touch with us. We can put you in touch with our Tenancy Sustainment Team who can offer you advice and support on debt and money management and help with unclaimed benefits if you need it.

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