Antisocial behaviour (ASB) includes a wide range of unacceptable behaviour that affects the quality of life for residents and others living or working in the community.

The types of behaviour that we consider antisocial include:

  • Physical violence
  • Hate-related incidents (eg based on race, sexual orientation, gender, disability or belief)
  • Verbal abuse, harassment, intimidation or threatening behaviour
  • Vandalism and damage to properties
  • Prostitution, sexual acts or kerb-crawling
  • Criminal behaviour
  • Misuse of communal areas, public areas or loitering  

What's the difference between ASB and Neighbour Dispute?

A neighbour dispute is a private disagreement between neighbours. These are cases of parking, one-off parties or loud music, and untidy gardens. Try talking to your neighbour first, they might not know they are making a noise. Explain what noise disturbed you, think about how you'd like to be approached – try to not lose your temper or complain.

 We've put together some tips to help you.

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Tackling antisocial behaviour

We know that antisocial behaviour can cause lots of problems for you. In this section you'll find useful information on how to tackle it.

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How to keep a record?

It is useful to write down details of the incident(s) when it occurs on our incident diary sheets with dates and times of when they happened. You will need to send these completed sheets to us. You can do this by hand, post, email, or you can do this on online. When you contact us to report ASB, you will be asked for this information as it will help us deal with your concerns.

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Have you heard about the Noise App Version 2?

For noise complaints, you may wish to use the noise app which can be used to record, date and identify the location of a noise nuisance. It is simple to use and free to download. Create an accurate record of noise nuisance and how it affects you by downloading the app.

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How to get extra support?

You're not alone. Here are some great organisations you can talk to:

ASB Help

ASB Help is a registered charity in England and Wales set up to provide advice and support to victims of anti-social behaviour.

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Citizens Advice

We give people the knowledge and confidence they need to find their way forward - whoever they are, and whatever their problem. Our national charity and network of local charities offer confidential advice online, over the phone, and in person, for free.

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Victim Support - If you've been affected by crime

Need help after crime? Get in touch anytime for independent, free, and confidential advice. Call Supportline on 08 08 16 89 111

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