Some common repairs are in the links below:

Unblocking a waste pipe Waste pipe Removal

A short video will talk you through unlocking a waste pipe in sink or basin

Unblocking a sink Using a Plunger

A short video will talk you through using a manual plunger to unlocking a sink or drain

Resetting a Trip Switch

A short video talking through how to reset a trip switch on your consumer unit (fuse box)

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Disclaimer: All advice is offered as guidance only. All repairs you carry out at your property are done so at your own risk. We are not liable for any damage or injury incurred as a result of DIY. We reserve the right to charge the cost of any and all rectification work required as a result of poor workmanship. If you are not confident in carrying your own repairs please seek advice and appoint a suitable, competent and insured contractor.

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Repairs information for Home Owners

We'll repair and maintain the shared areas of your building - like the hallways, corridors, stairs and outside spaces. You're responsible for any maintenance or repairs inside your property. PA Housing is responsible for buildings insurance cover on leasehold and shared ownership properties under our management.

The insurance is provided as part of PA Housing’s block policy. Leaseholders can contact the insurer directly to make a claim under the buildings insurance cover.

You can request a copy of the Summary of Cover from us. If you require a copy of the full policy, we can send one to you a fee may be payable.

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