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Helping us answer your calls

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We’re committed to improving the way we do things and the services that we provide to you.

You told us it takes too long for us to answer the phones and that when you do get through that you sometimes feel frustrated with the service you received.

So, we’ve listened to your feedback and are starting to make changes to provide you with a quicker and slicker service. From 18 April, we’re introducing a new phone system which will start to allow us to make things better.

For now, you may only notice a few changes such as being told your current position in the queue, but as we continue to make changes, we will keep listening to your feedback and are committed to making sure the changes we make are the ones that matter most to you.

We’ll be answering your calls and emails as normal, but please bear with us as we adjust to the change of system and any teething problems we have.

We’ll be announcing more positive changes in the next few weeks about what else we have planned to make it easier for you contact us and get your questions answered.