You might hoard because you feel a strong need to keep things..

Hoarding disorder is a mental health problem that a doctor can diagnose. But you might also experience hoarding as part of another mental or physical health problem.

If you hoard, you might:

  • Feel the need to get more things, even if you have a lot already
  • Have very strong positive feelings whenever you get more things
  • Feel very upset or anxious at the thought of throwing or giving things away because of your emotional attachment to them
  • Find it very hard to decide what to keep or get rid of
  • Have lots of disagreements with the people close to you about your things
  • Find it hard to pack for trips away, like a holiday 
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Why might I hoard? Many of us have belongings we consider special and things we save. But this is different from hoarding. When you hoard, it's because you might have emotional connections or beliefs about all your things. This makes it very hard to get rid of anything.

For example, you might believe the following:

  • You need to keep items 'just in case' even if it's been a long time since you last used the item
  • You won't cope with how you'll feel if you throw things away.
  • If you throw anything away, you are being wasteful.
  • Your things make you feel happy or keep you safe
  • Your things are all unique and special

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If you are experiencing anxiety from hoarding in your own home or have concern for somebody else in a PA property, please contact the Tenancy Solutions team to discuss.

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We will work with partner agencies to


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Raise awareness of hoarding and compulsive behaviour disorder in communities we severe.


Work closely with other agencies, to identify, monitor and reduce cases of hoarding.


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