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Domestic Abuse

We believe that everyone has the right to live without fear of abuse in their home. We  understand the severity of domestic abuse and the impact on individuals and families.

Remember that:

  • You are not alone.
  • Assault is a criminal offence – no one has no right to beat, verbally or sexually abuse you or your children.
  • You are not responsible for the abuse, and you are not to blame – it is your abuser who must take responsibility for their actions.
  • Violence is never the way to solve a conflict in the home.
  • You can survive and move on from an abusive relationship.
  • It would help if you weren’t afraid to ask for help.
  • We are here to help.

What to do if you are or know someone that may be suffering domestic abuse?

If it is an emergency and  you believe a crime is happening, that someone is injured, you are being threatened, or in immediate danger, you should always call 999.

You can report other concerns to us. We take all reports of domestic abuse extremely seriously. and are here to support you and your family; please call us:

0300 123 2221

We will work with partner agencies to

  • Raise awareness of Domestic Abuse and how this impact individuals and families 
  • Work closely with other agencies such as the Adult Social Care and Women's Aid to identify, monitor and support.
  • Work with support staff to help the customer.


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