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Our performance

How are we doing?

This is the place to keep track of how we're performing across several key areas in the business.

We're always looking to improve these scores though, so your feedback really does matter. Without your input on how we're doing, we don't know what's working and where we need to do better, so keep sending us your complaints if things are wrong, your compliments if things are right or simply if you have an idea on how things could be improved where you live.

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Understanding how we record performance

We record customer satisfaction on several services across PA Housing.

  • Transactional customer satisfaction means feedback about a specific transaction or service. For example, a repairs appointment, an appointment with an Income Officer, or a visit from a Neighbourhood Coordinator.
  • Perceptional customer satisfaction means feedback around your opinions and feelings about PA Housing. Every three months, we survey a random sample of our customers to obtain this figure.
  • Neighbourhood Standards are how Coordinators judge the standard of cleaning, safety, and maintenance in each Neighbourhood. They rate them Bronze, Silver, or Gold.

Where you see a small arrow with a figure, this indicates the score from the previous month and whether the figure has gone up or down.

Figures are updated on the 28th of each month. 

  • We're using the feedback from customers to improve services.

    Customer satisfaction - transactional



  • We have working groups in place looking at different areas of service improvement all of which contribute to the overall customer satisfaction. Our priority is to improve our customers' experience of PA. 

    Customer satisfaction - perceptional



  •  Alerts are now live for the repairs service, meaning the Repairs Department are alerted when a customer submits a dissatisfied score and can act on this. 

    Customer satisfaction with repairs



  • This measures the effort PA residents have to make to get an issue resolved, a request fulfilled or access to a service. The higher the %, the less effort customers need to make to access services or resolve their issues.

    Customer Effort Score



  • Need to report a repair?

    From time to time things may break or stop working in your home, so you'll need to report it as a repair to us so we can hopefully fix it for you as quickly as possible.

    Let us know
  • These are repairs completed within 21 days.

    Routine repairs completed on time



  • These are repairs completed within 24 hours.

    Emergency Repairs completed on time



  • This is the number of complaints received within the month. Complaint volumes reduced this month and we are continuing to review feedback and identifying opportunities for improvements

    Number of complaints received



  • This is the number of complaints which are responded to within 10 working days.

    Complaints responded to within timescales



  • Complaints

    When we get things wrong, we want to put them right as soon as we can. Here’s how you can ask us to make things right or, if we can’t, make a complaint.

    Get support
  • This is the percentage of our Estates that meet the Gold Neighbourhood Standard. Our Neighbourhood Coordinators inspect our Estates regularly.

    Gold Neighbourhood Standard



  • Standard of your neighbourhoods

    Find out more about what we mean by Gold Neighbourhood Standard and how we inspect your neighbourhoods regularly to determine these scores with some of your help.

    Learn more
  • 124 homes out of 23,573 (0.63%) do not meet the Decent Homes Standard, but work will be completed to achieve this by March 2023.



    Homes that do not meet the Decent Homes Standard



  • Explore our ASB Toolkit

    The ASB Toolkit provides helpful information on different types of antisocial behaviour, including some other useful contacts.

    Learn more
  • Number of antisocial behaviour cases reported



  • Get in touch with us

    We offer a range of ways for you to be able to get in touch with us and hope to offer as much choice as possible in our contact methods.

    Contact us
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