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Expansion of the Direct Labour Organisation (DLO)

2019 - October, Latest news

We are taking on new staff to improve services to our customers across Leicestershire. 

Our Direct Labour Organisation (DLO) is expanding the maintenance team from 27 to 33 to handle repairs and maintenance to homes that become empty when people move out. (voids)

The DLO are directly employed by PA Housing so they are our own staff, rather than contractors. The DLO already provides repairs and voids services across Northamptonshire, South Leicestershire and Warwickshire, but from October 1 will take on the whole of the Midlands, except Nottinghamshire. We will continue to work with Morgan Sindall Property Services to provide void maintenance services there.

The DLO already has a great track record in delighting residents and has earned excellent customer satisfaction results from its maintenance services this year. We are now welcoming and getting our new team up to speed and while continuing to provide high quality homes for our new customers. We are driving down the time taken to complete void maintenance so new homes will be available faster.

The DLO team are looking forward to the challenge over the coming months and remain confident their excellent results so far this year will be mirrored in the new service.

For further information, please call 0300 123 2221.

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