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Universal Credit Hub success

2019 - December, Latest news

Our Universal Credit Hub was set up to help claimants who struggle as they move onto the new benefits system from the traditional scheme. Transferring to UC can be a complex business, and the wait for first payments can often drive people into debt.

Miss D is typical of the cases we learn about. She was struggling to juggle all her bills after moving onto UC. She works part-time and prior to moving onto UC, was paying nursery fees from her tax credits. Universal Credit is more generous in terms of the percentage of nursery fees that you can claim back, but they will only reimburse you after they are paid. Miss D had got into a vicious cycle because her monthly earnings were less than her monthly nursery fees.

Matters were getting worse because the nursery was adding late fees to what she already owed, and she was starting to think that the best thing would be to give up work. But we found a way to help her stay in her job. We started by looking for charitable grants but realised they would have to be paid to the nursery directly, so she wouldn’t be able to claim a reimbursement from UC.

We asked The Benefits Training Company for advice, who suggested she should apply for a payment from the Flexible Support Fund. We went with her to her JCP appointment to make the application. In just under two weeks, they awarded her £550 and deposited the funds into her bank account. ​

The hub is run by a dedicated team who spare no effort to secure customer wellbeing to deliver brilliant, life-changing results. 

Can we help you too?

If you need help, advice or support with Universal Credit or benefit advice in general, please get in touch with the team.

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