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Brilliant personal development opportunity for CCC colleagues

2019 - April, Latest news

As part of our continuing efforts to deliver exceptional customer service for our customers, we will be looking to enhance our workforce's skills, knowledge and understanding of the social housing sector by developing our Customer Contact Centre (CCC) advisors. This is part of our commitment to develop opportunities for colleagues within PA Housing through key learning activities.

With this in mind, we are partnering with the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) to launch a pilot qualification programme for the Customer Contact Centre in Leicester and Walton-on-Thames. This is a great opportunity for colleagues who are new to housing to improve their general knowledge and awareness of the sector.
Our first cohort of 10 colleagues will enrol onto the Level 2 CIH Certificate in Housing Practice. Specific areas of learning will include:
  • housing provision and housing organisations
  • customer service for housing
  • assets, repairs and maintenance
  • professional development in housing.

We will also be offering the Level 3 CIH Certificate in Housing Practice for experienced advisors who may wish to further develop their knowledge.

We are pleased to be working in partnership with the CIH and look forward to the first cohort starting their journey towards a long and successful career in housing.

A lot of our most talented people came to PA Housing through the Contact Centre route. The CCC in Leicester and Walton is a great learning ground for housing professionals as you are confronted by the whole range of customer queries. We want to grow talent and expertise within PA and this is good way of doing just that. We are also very keen to work with the CIH to help grow professionalism within the housing sector. If this project works, we will be looking to extend it to other areas of the business.

Matt Cooney; Chief Operating Officer
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