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Incident at central London property

2018 - October, Latest news

An incident occurred at one of our properties in central London last weekend.

Battery packs (for a back up power supply) overheated, causing fumes to be released. The cause of this incident will be thoroughly investigated and we wish to reassure everyone concerned that our emergency processes worked effectively.

What happened?

The incident occurred in a five-storey apartment block in Lewisham on Sunday. Batteries housed in the basement overheated and released fumes which affected some of the flats.

In spite of the battery failure, we are assured by the Fire Brigade that the ventilation system serving the block worked correctly. Readings taken in the communal areas confirmed that a full evacuation was not necessary.

Most residents were not affected. However, some were taken to hospital and released later that day.

What we did

Our technical team manager met the Fire Brigade at the flats and an electrician was called to disconnect the batteries, before security arrived to keep watch overnight.

We have an emergency plan which was activated swiftly, and several staff were on site by the Monday morning. They called on every resident to check that they were okay.

What next?

At this stage we do not know what caused the batteries to overheat and the investigation has started. There was no loss of power to the flats and the fire protection system is still in full operation.

We would like to reassure all customers that your safety is always our main concern and we will remain vigilant in our emergency planning and operations.


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