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It's Noise Action Week!

2018 - May, Latest news

Did you know that it's Noise Action Week?

From 21 - 26 May 2018, Environmental Protection UK are raising awareness of the impact of the cost of noise to the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities,

If you have noisy neighbours, either next door or in your wider community, it can really cause you problems and affect how you're enjoying living in your own home.

This week is about showcasing the impact it can have and on how you can help to tackle issues of noise.

If you're suffering from noise disturbance, you can download The Noise App either directly from their website, or from your app store.  It's so simple to use and is an easy and fast way of recording the noise your experiencing.

Why not visit The Noise App's website to find out more:

The Noise App




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