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Brand new supported housing in Richmond, Surrey

2018 - June, Latest news

PA Housing is proud to present Badger House, one of our newest properties. 

Built in partnership with the London Borough of Richmond, Badger House provides social housing for four young residents that use the Council’s specialist services for autism. Badger House comprises four one-bedroom flats, two communal living spaces, facilities for support staff and a specially designed sensory garden, complete with a sunken trampoline. Design features have been included within the flats which lessen the risk of injury and reduce triggers that can cause distress.

Support and care are provided by PA Housing’s managing agent, Certitude.

Mark Wallis, Lock road Certitude manager, tells the story:

“As the manager of the home, it has been an interesting journey with many challenges and positive benefits along the way. It has been wonderful to see the young people develop in their lives towards a greater independence. Knowledge and understanding of autism is an integral part of supporting people, alongside a strong, genuine person-centred approach. The people we support have explored various new activities, interviewing staff, involvement in multimedia and assistive technology, attending college courses, employment and travelling on holiday. Many of these activities are first time experiences for the individuals. Individuals have benefited from improved health support and medication changes and reductions. 

The reward is two-fold – first, seeing peoples’ lives change and develop, and secondly hearing testimonies of how the quality of the families' lives have flourished now they have also gained more freedom from their sons and daughters living independently from them. We want to make Badger House different from a 'service provision' – we value Badger House as a home, and we have an open door policy for all family members who are welcome at any time.”

A Badger House tenant explains what his new home means to him:

“Since moving into Badger House in my own flat, I feel more confident to take up new challenges in my life. Over the months living here, my independence has grown and even my family relationships have improved as others say I have matured. The staff who support me are amazing because they respect me as an adult and assist me to make my own choices, recognising what autism really is and how it affects my daily life.”  

These young people would otherwise have needed to be placed out of borough – sometimes hundreds of miles away – at a cost of up to £100,000 per person, per year. Instead, they are living within their local community, close to their families and friends.

In 2018-19, Pa Housing will be building another new property for this client group – and we are proud to count ourselves one of the trailblazing Registered Providers in the borough.