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A Q&A with one of our involved residents, Margaret Taylor

2018 - June, Latest news

Margaret Taylor has been one of our involved residents since 2000, working hard for the benefit of PA Housing and ensuring growth and development from a customer perspective. We couldn't function as social housing organisation without the continued efforts of our involved residents, so we caught up with Margaret to ask about her involvement and why she thinks it's important to dedicate time to PA Housing. 

What inspired you to get involved with PA Housing?

I worked for 19 years in social housing, so naturally, when I became a tenant I volunteered to be an involved resident. I realised that I enjoyed looking at the bigger pictures, helping tenants locally and throughout the organisation. 

How are you involved?

Currently, I am heavily involved with a Scrutiny inspection on Fire Safety. I am also a member of the Customer Forum and acting Secretary. I am very involved in getting tenants from across the country to move forward in the unification of involved tenants within PA Housing. 

What specific skills or qualities do you think you bring to the association?

I like to see things working for the benefit of all tenants and staff. I am approachable, organised and can work in a team - all of which I believe has helped me to achieve my personal aims and help tenants over the years.  

How do you ensure that issues of equality and diversity are considered?

 I am extremely aware of the many cultures of tenants, and I try to encourage all tenants to take part and to help establish the best way forward for communities and for PA Housing. 

What personal fulfilment do you get from being an involved resident?

When a project which I have been involved in - whether it's small or large - becomes a success for tenants and PA, then it is a success for me, too. 

What have you delivered that you feel has made a difference to others?

I try and do my best for tenants, whether they are my immediate neighbours or not.  I would like to see a positive outcome of the unification of tenants across PA Housing. It would be nice to see some more tenants – especially the younger ones – take the reigns and get involved! 

If you are interested in becoming an involved resident, please email

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