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PA Housing’s own Paw Patrol

2018 - December, Latest news

PA Housing has enlisted the help of two canine assistants as a novel way of dealing with antisocial behaviour.

Our housing scheme Vestry House is located in the city centre - an area recently identified as one of Leicester’s top 10 crime spots. As a result, residents are often faced with antisocial behaviour and nuisance, but we have worked closely with the Police’s local beat team to find ways to deter the criminals.

Ryan McCartney, Tenancy Solutions Officer, said:

We have a great relationship with the local beat officers, and they're regularly in and around the scheme providing high-vis patrols and reassurance to our customers. But we're always looking for new ways of tackling antisocial behaviour and discouraging those who want to use our common areas for crime.”

Enter Remy and Mavis, a mother and daughter team of specialist detection dogs, more commonly known as 'sniffer dogs'. Both dogs are trained to detect a wide range of substances and indicate a variety of concerns to be followed up.  In partnership with the Police, Remy and Mavis have toured the building. As well as checking out the public areas, visitors to the building have been challenged by the dogs and the Police, with the dogs' presence clearly unnerving a number of people and disrupting their activities.

Ryan added: “The residents we saw during our visit were thrilled to see such a different approach and were really supportive. I feel it's really positive and reassuring for our residents to see us working so closely with the police in proactive ways.”

Follow up visits are planned to target different times of the day and night when non-residents congregate at the scheme and cause problems for the people living there.

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