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Voluntary Right to Buy in the Midlands

2018 - August, Latest news

If you’ve been with PA Housing for more than three years, you might be eligible for the brand new phase of the government’s Voluntary Right to Buy (VRTB) pilot.

What is Voluntary Right to Buy?  

The scheme may make it possible for you to buy your home from us, with a discount on the market value of up to £80,900 (the longer you have been one of our customers, the greater the discount you may be eligible for).

Although the original Right to Buy scheme was initiated back in 1980 and reinvigorated in 2012, the much newer Voluntary Right to Buy has made the programme more accessible. Where before (under Right to Buy), only council and ex-council properties were eligible for the discount, the Government and the National Housing Federation have proposed the Voluntary Right to Buy so that the discount is available to Housing Association residents.

What’s more, PA Housing has been able to set some of the guidelines for our participation on Voluntary Right to Buy – you can read more about that in our FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions


Am I eligible for VRTB?

Voluntary Right to Buy was first piloted in London, and that initiative ended in January 2017. This VRTB pilot is phase two and is valid only for properties in the Midlands. Phase two will run for 2 years.

So, if you are a customer in the Midlands, you might be eligible. It also depends on the following:

* You must have a secure/assured tenancy

* You must have been a PA Housing customer for three years or more

* You must not have any arrears/debt or any outstanding notices.

Please also note that shared owners are not eligible for the scheme.

Can I buy the home I’m in now?

According to the government guidelines, most tenants that are eligible for the VRTB discount will be able to use it to buy their current home. However, there might be exceptions – you can learn about that and more in our FAQ document.

How do I proceed?

If you are interested in the Voluntary Right to Buy pilot and believe you might be eligible, please email

Alternatively, by clicking the factsheet below, you can find out more about how to generate your Unique Reference Number and enter the government ballot.


Application factsheet


To find out more about Voluntary Right to Buy, visit the Government's website:


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