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Service Charge information and guides

We understand that you may have questions about your Service Charge and have compiled a list of helpful Frequency asked question

  • My statement looks very different compared to previous years

    The statement this year has been prepared using a new system and so the information is more detailed with each charge listed instead of being grouped into headings.

    'Understanding your statement' is a guide to explain how the statement is set out and what each section means.

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  • Does housing benefit cover my service charge

    Usually but they won’t cover the cost of services you use in your own home (e.g. heating and electricity). If you are in any doubt, please contact your housing benefit office or universal credit contact centre for advice.

  • Why are the actual costs more than the estimates?

    Your service charge may change every year depending on the actual cost of providing your service.

    Here are some examples of why your service charge may have gone up:

    • Electricity charges change depending on the usage and accuracy of readings.
    • The level of service may have increased based on requests by other residents.
    • Your share of the costs may have changed following a review
    • The cost of repairs to your shared areas may be higher than the year before.


  • Why do I pay a service charge when I live in a house

    Your lease says that you still need to contribute to the upkeep of nearby public open spaces like parks, gardens and playgrounds. If we or a managing agent look after these areas instead of the council, you will receive a service charge statement from us.

Service Charge Description guide

Need help to understand the service charge descriptions? View our  guides below

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