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Social Value

Social value is being created every day by lots of different people getting involved in their communities. 

People are volunteering and coming together at local hubs, preschools, green spaces projects and others, and helping to improve social and environmental wellbeing and solve problems that are important where they live, work and play. 

What impact and value are being created?

Access to spaces and meaningful community engagement is helping residents to tackle mental and physical health issues as well as reduce social isolation and loneliness.  It's offering opportunities for residents to learn and share expertise, attend Growing Health workshops, and access free, fresh and locally grown food.  It's also improving community cohesion through simple everyday neighbourly acts - cooking and growing together, juicing apples, building bug hotels and mosaic signs, and a host of other activities.

How do we measure this?

We measure impact, value and return on investment by applying wellbeing frameworks from both the:

NEF (New Economics Foundation
HACT (Housing Association Charitable Trust)

Where are these projects and activities?

Fulmer Close allotment (Hampton) and Island Farm Road (Molesey) have truly become community-led projects with local residents participating in the process of designing, building and using the spaces.  The allotment group reported improvements in local awareness, skills and knowledge as well as meeting people and feeling a sense of achievement.  For every pound spent there’s a return of £7.37.

It's so exciting that the land is going to be used for something for the community and I would so love to be involved in helping it come to fruition

Molesey resident about Island Farm Road

it was good to meet people living on the estate and share things

Hampton resident about Fulmer Close allotment

Terrace Road Community allotment (Walton) and Langdon Park Orchard project (Teddington) have needed a lot of community outreach to raise awareness and engage our residents but we’re pleased to see this is growing.  The allotment group reported improvements in fitness and health, regular volunteering and training for a job, and opportunities to meet people.  For every pound spent there’s a return of £9.85.

Thank you, we really enjoyed it! [my daughter] loved every second, she has told everyone about it!

Cobham resident about Terrace Road Community allotment

I make use of the Orchard to pick apples pears plums all the time and make pies etc. I'll be interested to see what else there is.

Teddington resident about Langdon Park Orchard

As part of the allotment projects, Thames View pre-school have been involved with educational activities and a few of our talented residents have been commissioned to run workshops with their peers - making a mosaic sign, teaching how to cook from scratch, and growing fruit and veg. The mosaic group reported improvements in learning, social interaction and feeling a sense of achievement.  For every pound spent there’s a return of £9.35.

The preschool group reported on their high social impact on the local community within the first year of opening.  There have been improvements in the childrens’ learning and development, opportunities for parents to talk to people and access information and support, and for the school to partner with local projects.  For every pound spent there’s a return of £3.20.

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