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Local Stories

The Resident Involvement team are always trying out new and innovative things based on the feedback we get from our brilliant involved residents. Being at the forefront with our communities is what matters and the more the merrier is our motto!

We had an amazing time with our involved residents while filming about why they're involved. It's an honour to work with such a diverse group of volunteers from different backgrounds who have unique experiences to share and voices to be heard.
Don't take our word for it - here's what our residents are saying. We hope you enjoy watching the video as much as we did making it! 

Here’s what residents have said about why they get involved: 

Maggie from Beeston, Nottingham

I joined some 20 years ago, as I wanted to speak for tenants who could not speak for themselves. Everything you get involved in is for the whole not yourself, which you have always to keep in mind. Also remember that when meeting and talking to staff, they are doing their job , whether you agree with them or not. I have made some very good working relationships with them throughout the years. With this in mind, for any future tenants that want to get involved it is well worth it for both tenants and landlord. You can make a difference, I have proved this myself

Karen from Chessington, Surrey

I get involved to:

  • aid my community with knowledge I provide, for example, gardening tips at a judging competition.
  • understand the functions of PA housing to apply it to my own situation. For example, from digital presentations of the repairs team or the introduction of universal credit.
  • meet different people in the community and their views on improvements to PA services.

Kathleen from Leicester

I became an involved resident because I had acquired skills in governance and scrutiny through my various job roles. I am inquisitive about how our voice is heard and represented by others. I am a team player and I believe in order to be a productive and active member of any team, one needs to have good and effective communication skills, be a good listener and unafraid to ask the uncomfortable questions. Also a good sense of humour is mandatory!

Mariantonia from Weybridge, Surrey

I enjoy finding out more about my landlord and the work that goes on behind the desk. I enjoy learning more about services and how a housing association works. I particularly like the fact that by getting involved I can have a real impact on improvements and changes that would benefit all the tenants. I have also been pleased to meet other residents and working together with them on various opportunities, it has actually made me feel part of something, not just an anonymous tenant. I have learned to appreciate more my landlord and the fact that tenants are valued.

Margaret from Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire

I could write reams of why I got involved and want to continue to be involved, but the main reason is that I want to ensure all residents have a voice and get the best service possible from PA!  Over many years I have evolved this idea to where today I am fully committed in trying to get all residents working together in achieving this goal. 

Stephen from Hampton, Middlesex

I decided to be involved because I could, I was fairly sure that not all Housing Associations offered this opportunity; I wanted to help to make a positive difference to my local community… The more I learn about PA Housing, the more possibility I have to aid other residents in my immediate area.




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