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Community Action Events

These are neighbourhood based events and actions days aimed at getting to know your neighbours and staff at PA Housing as well as brings residents together, ranging from looking at communal or other repairs, providing handyman services as well as fun, games, and treats.

In response to requests from our residents, we are arranging more local events where we can both get to know you better, along with ensuring the residents’ voices are heard.

Community Action Day

Our Community Action Day we took along skips so that we could help people by removing any bulky rubbish they needed to dispose of. We had contractors on hand to carry out small repairs and improvements as well as litter picking and cleaning the area. And for anything bigger we arranged to carry out repairs later. Children from the area were treated to a host of fun activities including giant lawn games, face painting and balloon animal modelling. There was also an ice cream van on hand all day. And we asked them to paint a picture of their perfect place so we can see what their dream home looks like.

Residents were asked to complete feedback forms to tell us what things we could do to make the area better and they were rewarded for their help with free ice creams. From the responses we found that the key topics were security on site, fly tipping and the bin store, and intercom breakdowns. More activities for children would be welcomed.

The day threw a lot of light onto what residents really want from us and showed us what we have been missing. It gave us the opportunity to get into the community and offer a personal touch so we can start engaging with people and see what we can offer them. It was also a lot of fun!

Raj Sharma

As well as providing feedback, residents were asked if they would like to be more involved with PA Housing and several said they would. One person who signed up on the day was Claire Van Kroonenburg.

She has lived on the estate since 2004, starting off in a flat at one end of the area and then moving a year later to her current home. She has wanted to be more involved in residents’ activities for some time but until recently there were too many hurdles to overcome. Claire said: “They used to hold meetings when parents couldn’t be involved because they were at work etc., but they’ve recently changed the times so now it’s possible. I’m really looking forward to being part of it. I can be very determined when it’s something I’m passionate about.”

She also has more time because all her children are now at school. Claire particularly wants to see more on offer for children and young people on the estate. Some years ago there was a campaign to open a children’s park nearby but it never happened. Now she plans to revive some ideas about young people’s activities.

“We used to have a youth club but there isn’t one any more. And I’d like to get the kids into doing more for the estate. We used to get them to tidy up and there were races to collect rubbish and fill a bag. Parents would be out the front watching them, and we got to know everyone. It helped build the community.”

Litter is a key topic. She also plans to campaign for more litter bins in a bid to avoid rubbish being dumped on the floor. The estate has only one public bin and she believes more would help.

I have always pushed for things for the estate even before I became an involved resident and people have noticed. We have the potential to really turn this area round and make everyone proud to live here again

Claire Van Kroonenburg

Festive Events

The Resident Involvement team host community events, especially around the festive season, Easter break and summer holidays.  In December 2018 we held festive events at Beloe Close (Putney), Bowyers Court (Twickenham) and St John's (Walton).  Good fun was certainly had by all!  At St John’s more than 30 residents attended to meet Father Christmas and enjoyed eating delicious food made by our resident chef Beckie.  They made Christmas tree decorations and bought hand-made crafts sold by our resident entrepreneurs Elizabeth, Val and Joan.  

  • Families Matter Christmas Event

    In December 2018 we held a festive event on St John's estate (Walton) in partnership with Families Matter @FamiliesMatterWalton.  More than 30 residents attended to meet Father Christmas – both the kids and adults screamed with excitement when he arrived with gifts and festive cheer!  There was delicious food made by a resident chef, making of crafts and a chance to buy hand-made crafts sold by resident entrepreneurs.


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