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Co-regulation for Resident Involvement


The main aim of this group is to inspect, manage and improve PA Housing’s services.  The resident volunteers meet every few months to discuss and plan a programme, which is delivered over a 2 month period.  They also work with service managers to make actions based on their recommendations.

Resident Council (South) and Customer Forum (Midlands)

Our Groups are made up of up to 20 residents each who meet up in a central location at least 6 times a year.  They work with our Heads of Service, Trustees, and Directors to look at the quality of PA Housing’s services, including resident satisfaction and service performance.  We also work alongside other housing providers and community groups to share best practice and how the process can be adapted to best suit needs. Our Residents have proudly presented at conferences and are the face of PA Housing and the voice of the residents.

The groups are very established as they have been nominated at national and regional awards such as:

  • TPAS (Tenant Participation Advisory Service)
  • EMTPF (East Midlands Tenant Participation Forum)
  • The Centre for Public Scrutiny Awards

Scrutiny Focus Group 

This is a smaller adhoc group within the scrutiny process, which allows for residents to give feedback and views about the service that’s being scrutinised.  This could lead to a further working group once the scrutiny group has completed their reporting and recommendations

Scrutiny Highlights report

Compliance Management Summary

Northampton Report

Void Report

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