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Compliments and Complaints

We really want you to tell us what you think, good or bad, as without your feedback it can be difficult for us to make sure we're continually improving our services.  Please get in touch and let us know. 

Give us a compliment

Have you spoken to a member of our team who knocked your socks off with their customer service skills?  Has your Neighbourhood Coordinator saved the day?  Or perhaps you simply wanted to say thank you to someone.

The form below is a great way of sharing your positive feedback with us.

Compliment feedback

Please don't use this button to make a complaint - keep scrolling! 

Making a complaint

We know there are times that we may not get things quite right and this is why we have a complaints process in place for when this happens.

Complaints give us an insight into problems and concerns and we treat them seriously. We want to learn from the feedback they provide to improve the way we do things so we can provide the best service possible for our customers.

What is a complaint?

  • Where we have failed to provide a service, or there’s been a delay in providing one.
  • Where we have failed to follow our policies and procedures, or have been unfair or inconsistent in applying them.
  • Where we have failed to keep a customer informed through lack of or insufficient information.
  • Where there has been inappropriate behaviour or attitude from our staff.
  • If a customer is in any way unhappy about the way we’ve delivered a service.


There may be occasions where you are not satisfied with our service, however we will treat your request as an enquiry. This would happen if:

  • A customer contacts us to ask us something about their home or tenancy, for example, information about their rent account. This is not a complaint but if we fail to provide this information then this could become a complaint.
  • A customer contacts us to ask us to do something to their home or tenancy, for example, a repair. Although the customer feels that something has gone wrong, this is not a complaint as we have not been given the opportunity to put it right however, if we fail to carry out the repair or put the matter right this may become a complaint.

Please note that we do not consider Antisocial Behaviour (ASB) issues as complaints, unless the complaint is about the way we have handled the case. We have a dedicated section all about Antisocial Behaviour with some useful information, as well as our ASB Toolkit:

Find out more about ASB


Ways to make a complaint 

The quickest way for you to make your complaint is by filling out the form online by clicking on the link below.  You'll receive a confirmation email straight away to say we've received it.

Make a complaint

Alternatively, you can use any of our contact methods which suit you best:

  • by telephoning us on 0300 123 2221
  • in person at one of our offices in Leicester (Bede Island) or Walton-on-Thames (Case House)
  • by sending a letter to us

Do you live in the London Borough of Richmond?

If so, you can access their Tenant's Champion service.  Whether you're a tenant or leaseholder who rent or lease your home from a Housing Association in the borough they can offer you help and support if you need to complain.

Sometimes things don’t get resolved to your satisfaction then the next step is to contact your Councillor. However, some issues may be more complex, or be something that keeps occurring, or may affect many people - and it is here that the Tenants’ Champion can help.

Find out more

This service is only available to customers living in the London Borough of Richmond

The Tenant's Champion service has published their Annual Report for 2019-2020 showing how they've helped residents of PA Housing and other social housing providers in the borough of Richmond with any issues they may have been having.

Read the report


Further information

You can also read our Complaints Policy and find out how we handle your complaints:

Find out more

If we're unable to resolve your complaint:  

  • Localism Act 2011

    Under this Act, you can also refer your complaint at any time to an MP or councillor who represents the local authority area where you live.


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